Interlocking Pavers – Improving look and value

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If you are in the market for a new driveway or just getting ready to replace an existing one, you owe it to yourself to take a look at interlocking pavers, also known as paving stones. Not only will they provide you with an immediate WOW factor, but something that will outlast most other paving surfaces.

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Curb Appeal and advantages of Interlocking Pavers

The curb appeal of a brick paver driveway will also give you incredible return on your investment. It’s no mystery that homes with interlocking brick paver driveways sell much faster than similar homes with just basic asphalt! Interlocking pavers are not just for driveways, they can be used for walkways, pathways, patios, decking, pool decks, balconies, courtyards and terraces too.

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Interlocking pavers have been used for centuries, dating back to ancient Roman roads. Their durability and aesthetically pleasing characteristics is what makes them a popular choice among homeowners today. Interlocking pavers can be thought of as a system, each paver in place to keep the others intact.

The pavers are not just visually impressive; they are beneficial to our environment. Interlocking pavers are usually permeable, which means water permeates through the surface and recharges our groundwater tables. Unlike traditional concrete or asphalt that is one consistent slab; the interlocking pavers have spaces between each one and are filled with a porous material like sand.

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Interlocking pavers are exceptional in large driveways and walkways; adding interest, curb appeal and also increasing the value of your home. It is important to understand the preparation for the installment of interlocking pavers before you start your project.

Installing Interlocking Pavers

Installing interlocking pavers can be a big project depending on the areas size and can be a big DIY project that will require specialized tools and equipment. If you are not confident in your abilities it is recommended that you call a pro in your area to get the job done correctly the first time.

The type or paver you chose is only one aspect in the proper designs and installation on a project like this. The site drainage, the weight loads the surface will receive, the seasonal conditions in your area are a few of the factors that will determine the way the base is prepared.

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The most important element is the preparation of the base; it performs in this instance much like the foundation of your home.

The compacted base is covered with a geotextile fabric and then a layer of sand before the pavers are installed. This is the time to plan on the type of edge restraints to use the color and type of pavers and the joint fill materials.

Check this quick 3 minute video on how geotextile frabrics work in helping strengthen the soil. ​

A great choice for northern climates

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Interlocking paver driveways perform extremely well in northern climates. A properly designed and installed paving stone driveway will evenly distribute heavy loads as well as handle seasonal fluctuations better than alternative paving materials.

This is because a paving stone driveway, installed on a proper aggregate base is a durable system that works with nature by contracting as required during the winter freeze-thaw cycles.

Cost and performance of Interlocking Pavers

In terms of cost, paving stones typically have a higher initial price, this is due to the additional labour needed to install a higher quality material. In residential driveway applications, pavers are generally installed piece by piece and need to be trimmed to fit.

When it comes to paving material quality, paving stones are at least twice as strong as standard poured concrete, and have a lower water absorption rate which equates to a long life span. In addition, the lifecycle cost of a paver driveway is lower than the alternatives. Although cleaning and sealing is often recommended, it is not required and with limited maintenance, a paver driveway will outlast most other paving materials.

Once performance and cost concerns are addressed, pavers stand on their own. There is no better way to create a great first impression than a paver driveway. Pavers offer so much versatility in design that you can create your own look and feel with a little bit of creativity and planning at a low additional cost.

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Expanding on improving curb appeal of your home

Now that you have more information on interlocking pavers and how it adds to curb appeal and value of your home, consider also other aspects. Here's another article on Front Doors which can complement this type of project. Enjoy!


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