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Active participants make online home remodeling experience even better

You control how everything is shared!

Every project, no matter how small, involves working and collaborating with others, even if only to share ideas. It takes different ways to engage and communicate depending on who you are working with.

No more keeping track of things sent or received via email, text, snail mail, etc. No more confusion about which copy is the latest. Be ready with

Get the contacts you need to become active participants in your project. You control who sees what and ensure there is only one version of everything.

Add any of your contacts as a project participant in as many projects you want and quinju will generate the appropriate notfications to keep everyone on the same page.

As Easy as:

1. Open your free account

2. Create your first project

3. Start collecting ideas and building your project

Self-Organizing -

That's the power of !

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