Front Door “Come and find me” or “Welcome to my home!”

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The front door and overall approach to your home offers a glimpse about the style and personality of the people found within. What is your home saying?


5 DIY Home Improvement Weekend Projects

5 DIY Home Improvement Winter Weekend Projects-winter home

It might still be cold outside but its getting near the end of winter and there are many great ways to keep working on your home. 5 DIY home improvement weekend project ideas that will help you beat the winter blues.


Natural Light: For a Happier, Healthier Home and Family

Hampton Room-natural

If natural sunlight is so beneficial to our daily performance, health and happiness, why do we rely more on artificial light than natural sunlight?


Replacing the Front Door of your Home – A How to Guide

Front Door - How to Replace -

The front entrance to your home can make a positive first impression on your guests as well as providing security and energy efficiency. If you have an older home that needs a fresh look, this project can be a dramatic makeover for the front of your home in a few short hours of work.