Screw pile vs Concrete pier on your next foundation project

Screw piles

Screw pile technology has been around for a century and finally coming to residential construction and DIY projects. Learn where Screw piles work best.

Concrete 101- Need to know to get started

concrete 101

Concrete is the cheapest and most flexible building material however you need basic knowledge to get started and sound like a professional.

Prioritize, outdoor home improvement projects!

planning your spring projects, prioritize

Prioritize like a pro….the smell of spring is just around the corner, like many you’ve spent the long winter gathering ideas on your free account. Now it is time to refine that list, evaluating Time, Money and Skill as the three elements are seldom aligned! Inside or outside, big projects or little ones, what do you start with, how do you prioritize?

Basement Renovations: 11 rooms to inspire

contemporary basement renovations design

Basement renovations: design with consideration of reading nook, theater room, wet bar, wine/cigar room and much more. Balance dream with budget and space.

Home renovation, what is the cost to hire a contractor?


Home owners can control renovation costs by completing bid specifications upfront, learn how to get the best quality at the best price.

Home Renovation Planning – Your Guide to Success!

planning for a renovation and finding a contractor

Make sure your home renovation project is a complete success with all the tips and advice you need to get your moneys worth for your home.

Stucco, a beautiful cladding for your home

Stucco home

Stucco is an excellent exterior cladding option for a new home or addition? Buying a home with stucco, Learn and WATCH how to talk like a pro.

The Planning Stage

The Planning Stage -

The Planning Stage has the activities required to help you realize your dream! The detail during this stage is directly reflected in the finish product, take your time, do it right.

The Defining Stage

The Defining Stage -

Dreaming using the Inspiring Stage features is a fun and necessary part of your home renovation, but’s Defining Stage will help you to start shape up that dream and take you one step closer to reality!