Hot Tub or Spa to create a paradise hot tub or spa

Hot tub oasis right in your own back yard. Dream it, Do it and then record it. Like most projects, the details matter if you want it done right.


Turn your swimming pool project into a backyard resort

With some creativity and planning your swimming pool could become the focus of your backyard and the center of family life throughout the outdoor season.


Selecting the Right Type of Fence for Your Yard

Fences / wood - privacy / glass - security /

A well planned, handsomely constructed fence can significantly enhance the enjoyment, aesthetics and investment value of your home and property.


Designing Your Backyard Swimming Pool: Part I of II

After careful deliberation you have made the decision to invest in your own backyard oasis. Planning your swimming pool can be compared to planning to add an extension on your home. You are creating a very exciting extension to your functional, recreational living space.