Creating Home Decor that is Unique and Personal

Home decorating (or Home Décor) is a great way to make immediate changes to a room or space. Even some basic decorating changes can transform a space, making it feel new and refreshed.  But home decor is not limited to the interior of your home.  Outdoor spaces are now getting equal attention when it comes to decorating.

Home décor is an all encompassing phrase which relates to all furnishings or art which is used to stage or personalize your home.  By this definition, home decor would include the items in a room that are easily changed, like: pieces of furniture, area rugs, window treatments, throw pillows, lamps, wall art and various accessories.

​A home renovation provides the unique opportunity to make even more dramatic changes to a room or space.  During a home renovation, your home decor expands to include items that are not easily changed, like: flooring, wall finishes or colours, trim, ceiling finishes, lighting and even custom cabinetry and millwork.

While the decor ​of your room or space is usually the last phase of a renovation project, it should be the first and main focus of your inspiration and idea collecting stage. After all, it is the part of your project that people will see and judge.

Home décor items are largely store bought and tend to be rather generic, reflecting to various degrees your personality and budget. Some people like to keep up with the latest decorating trends, while others want their home decor to be more personal.  Some people like to constantly change their home decor to reflect the season or upcoming holiday.

There is a trend, however to stage your home with furnishings or art which is both unique and personal. Items that showcase your interests, who you are, where you came from, places you traveled, cultures that you have experienced, and the things that are most important to you and your family.  

There are so many places and options when it comes to Home Décor it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Using the free easy home renovation planner tool will help you collect and organize all your options in one place no matter where you choose to shop. It is the ultimate online home remodeling tool for any homeowner!

We would like to highlight some truly unique home décor ideas as a means to inspire homeowners to accent their home with items which make a statement and or tell a story.

5 Interesting examples of Personalized Home Decor

While these are great examples of personalized home decor ideas, in order to be truly need to look for home decor ideas that are meaningful to you.

Example #1: personal art work

The traditional way of purchasing wall art involves visiting local galleries and perusing many pieces until you find a piece which you find inspiring.  However, to make your wall art even more unique and personal, consider visiting those same local galleries but instead of looking for a piece of art that inspires you, try looking for a specific artist whose artistic style appeals or inspires you.  

Wall Art - Home Decor -

Most artists do commissioned pieces and will work with clients to deliver a painting which will be truly inspiring, meaningful and unique. This painting is of the old family homestead. The painting helps to stimulates fond memories and conversations about the old homestead with family and friends.

Do you have a specific vista or piece of scenery which was meaningful to you as a child? Perhaps you want a portrait of someone who was a dominant figure in your life? What about a painting of your childhood pet? Most commissioned artist can transform a photograph and fading memories into a truly beautiful piece of art.

When working with your commissioned artist make sure that the process starts with a few sketches for you to review prior to making the final decision on your investment.

Example #2: Repurposed furniture

There is an expression that one man's trash is another man's treasure. This expression truly applies to refinishing and repurposing unique and beautiful home furnishings. With some imagination, creativity and vision an old worn out piece of furniture can be refinished and repurposed into a piece of home furnishing which will leave your friends and family in awe, while sparking old memories.

repurposed furniture - home decor -

This unique bathroom vanity was the centerpiece of his grandmother's living room.  While it held many fond memories, it was old and worn. Like many antiques, it ended up buried in the corner of his parent's basement for years. Too damaged to use, to treasured to give away.

Upon discovering it, this homeowner had it and all its memories transformed into the centerpiece of his bathroom.  His kids now have a connection to a great grandmother they barely remember.

Refinishing furniture is something some people may try themselves, while others will want to find an expert.

Example #3:  Reclaimed wood

reclaimed wood - home decor -

There are many benefits to using reclaimed wood: it is environmentally friendly; it has unique age and character that cannot be copied…no matter how close that faux finish looks; old growth wood is rare, especially since farms grow trees fast and harvest them at a young age. and lastly, it has history. 

​This set stairs is accented with old reclaimed boards taken from the barn on the family farm before it was turned into a sub-division. 

Example #4:  Hidden Treasures

hidden treasures - home decor -

Did you grow up in a home with a field stone foundation? Perhaps you had a favourite beach where you spent your childhood summers? Like repurposing wood, repurposing stone is a very hot concept in home décor.

​The rocks used to make this beautiful fireplace were removed from the basement as the homeowner was lowering the basement floor. 

Not only did his creativity result in a fantastic fireplace, he proudly gets to share this story with everyone who visits. It is conversation piece that stimulates many other stories between friends.

Example #5:  Scrap bin to masterpiece

recycled materials - home decor -

This ornate steel gate makes an interesting separation between the garden and outdoor patio area.  The gate is made from the remains of a heavy steel plate after parts used in manufacturing are punched out of it by a large press.

A steel gate like this would cost a fortune to have a fabricator custom make it. However with great vision and creativity this homeowner ​was able to add two of these gate for virtually no cost.  Not only are they a stunning addition to his backyard, they are one of a kind and tell a story about the homeowner.

​This article is meant to challenge homeowners to use their imagination and think out of the box when taking on home décor projects.


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