The Inspiring Stage

Inspiring Stage - New Project -

This article covers the first stage of the framework: THE INSPIRING STAGE!

Consider this stage as the Pre-Planning phase of your projects.

One of the great things about this stage:

  • It doesn’t matter when you are planning to start your project!

So, make sure to always use the INSPIRING stage to gather all kinds of inspirational ideas you come by.

This will ensure you never miss anything when it is time to start planning whether that is a couple of weeks or a couple of years away!

The Project Information Area

If you recall from our last article, it is important to enter a clear Description for your project.

It serves as the baseline for what you want to achieve and helps to stay on the right path.

See below in our example project the key elements of a good description: Design Theme, Scope, Budget and Timelines.

Good Project Description Example -

Activity Cards

Next, as you can see below, based on the items selected for the project created a series of Activity Cards for each Item in each of the Stages.

This is one of the valuable features of the framework:

  • Simply by following these cards you are guaranteed to have all your project information automatically catalogued and organized!
Stages Activity Cards -

Uploading Images - Inspiring Stage

Let’s say for example, you are visiting some friends and see their new quartz counter tops which you really like!

All you need to do is to pull out your smartphone, go into your project, then into the Counter Tops – Collect ideas Activity Card and snap a picture of the counter!

Using a phone or tablet is really easy! will allow you to use your device’s camera to take and store pictures on demand!

Simply tap on the file upload area.

Inspiring - File Upload Area -

Take the picture with your device, accept the image and it will be uploaded to the right area in your project!

Once the picture is uploaded, you can enter a description that will help you identify what and where you saw that idea!

Inspiring Stage - Image Upload Complete -

Finally, once you are done with the activity you can tell the system you have completed the activity by clicking on the green button with the Check Mark.

Inspiring Stage - Activity Complete Command -

As a result, the system will place a visual clue on the card indicating the activity is complete and will also update the progress in your project!

Inspiring Stage - Activity Card Completed -

It is that simple!

Go ahead and start collecting ideas and inspiration for your projects! Remember:

  • There are no limits on how many open projects you can have,

Start your projects right away after you have an idea and start collecting inspiration no matter where or when!

Next week we will cover the key aspects of the DEFINING STAGE!

Happy Renovations!


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