Swings and Things for Relaxation in your Outdoor Space

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Porch Swings, Outdoor suspended beds, hammocks or pods they all offer, low cost, quiet relaxation on a hot summer day. No matter what style of outdoor swing, it is the memories that this simple piece of furniture can so often create.

When I think about when we purchased our home many years ago, one of the best memories I have is seeing the front porch and knowing that it was the perfect place to have a swing. I could very easily see the family sitting out front enjoying the space. Little did I realize the memories one porch swing could create and the joy it would bring to our family. I have seen my children and family grow up sitting on that swing, my young dogs grow old and my beautiful handmade swing means more than any piece of fancy furniture.

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The idea of an outdoor swing usually begins much like ours did when we saw the front porch and knew it needed a swing. You find a spot that invites you to make the most of a space like “that is a great tree to hang a swing from”, “that would make a nice place to build an arbour and hang a swing from” and take it from there.

Although porch swings are wonderful, today there are many varieties of swings, hammocks and suspended chairs that will give you that same calming swinging effect. Today these options are so versatile that they can be used inside your home to allow you that same calming feeling no matter what the weather is like outside.

No matter how simple or sophisticated you decide to go in your project, it is important to have everything well organized. Using quinju.com easy home renovation planner tool will help you stay on top of your projects. One of the most important steps is to start gathering the information you need using the home improvement portfolio tool as soon as ideas come up. 

Porch Swings

There are many options to consider when deciding what type of porch swing to go with. Do you bite the bullet and embrace a DIY or do you purchase one that only needs to be put together to give you the feeling of some ownership in the creation.

The options are endless and ultimately the decision will be based on your handiness and the time you have to commit to the project.

There are two main things to consider when you are putting up a porch swing.

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1) Placement of the swing to allow for light swinging with no structures to impede it.

2) Finding a solid structure to ensure it can sustain the load and not cause damage due to excesive or unfactored loads.

Learn to build a deck or porch to mount that perfect swing, learn how!

Arbour swings

Similar to porch swings arbour swings simply hang under an outdoor structure. This type of swing offers a quiet, hidden place for intimate conversations or just a place to reflect by yourself. One of the best things about an arbour swing is that you do not require a porch to create that special place.


Whenever I go to someone’s cottage and see a hammock the first thought I have is to go and lay in it and close my eyes, enjoying the swaying motion. Hammocks just give off relaxation. These days, hammocks are being incorporated inside homes to bring the relaxation inside.

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Traditionally hammocks are strung between two trees outdoors but can also be installed on wooden posts sunk into concrete. I would suggest 6X6 pressure treated be used, 4X4 wooden posts just aren’t designed for the side load created with hammock suspension.

The traditional hammock made of braided rope has also morphed into suspended seats with colourful cushions and pillows

Suspended Outdoor Beds

Now this is the ultimate location to lay under a shade tree and totally immerse in a book. There is no hiding the use of this type of outdoor swing. The gently swaying on a full size outdoor bed will put most to sleep in minutes.

Four large 6X6 posts sunk into concrete, heavy chains to suspend a wood slat platform an air filled mattress and bedding is all that is required. Yes there is work to pulling the bed apart at night to protect from moisture but setting it up for special events like family gatherings or a quiet afternoon dedicated to relaxation can be work every bid of hassle.


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are becoming quite popular and are designed to be suspended from a ceiling, tree or any place you want inside or outside. Pods are becoming very popular to incorporate in your home and can be a great accent feature. With many different styles and colors to choose from and the fact that they are relatively inexpensive, Pods are a great choice.

With so many great options out there, finding one that suites your needs can be a very easy thing to do. Happy Swinging!!!


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