Kitchen Island Design Ideas

expansive marble island with stove top and sink-kitchen island

Kitchen Islands are one of the most popular home updates that you will see in kitchen remodeling today and may be the solution you are looking for.

Interior Trim: Framing Your Home Renovation Project

Interior Trim and moldings add warmth and elegance to a living space by adding relief to the walls and ceilings.

The Inspiring Stage

Inspiring Stage - New Project -

This article covers the basics of the Inspiring Stage in the framework. It is simple to start collecting and organizing your project information!

Creating New Projects

Creating a New Project -

Once your account is active, go ahead and open your first project. This article will help you with the basics on how to complete that!

Egress windows and Egress window wells: helping your family survive a house fire

egress window well

Fire alarms and smoke detectors can alert you to a fire, egress windows help you and your loved ones escape. Learn what they are and where required by code.

Ceiling Finishes: creative modern ideas

pine ceiling bedroom

Low cost alternatives to get rid of or update that ugly popcorn ceiling. Start looking up and dreaming. Make your friends jealous with these ideas!