Creating New Projects

Creating a New Project -

Congratulations on opening your account! If you are reading this article and have not yet opened an account, no problem, just click on the button below, it is free and you can start your first project right away.

Let’s take a quick look at what is a project in

We provide a free tool where you can safely and easily store everything about your home renovation projects. Ideas, quotes, product information, contracts, invoices, receipts, warranties, pictures and videos you make while working on your project. There is no limitation to what you can store in your quinju project.

It is truly your home renovation binder on steroids! All your information is secured, private, never shared with anyone unless you choose to do it so.

Our framework simplifies the process of going through a home renovation project. Big or small, every project follows the same basic steps.

We associate projects with areas within your home: Bedroom, laundry room, kitchen, garage, pool and so on. This way it is easy to plan, track and document everything you do within that area without mixing things up.

Based on this simple concept, for example, if you are doing a kitchen and bathroom renovation, in that equates to two projects. Everything clearly separated and organized for you, effortlessly!

To start a new project, simply go to left side menu and click on the menu My Projects > Create New Project

New Project Menu -

Then click on the Green Circle with a Plus sign located on the bottom right corner, which is the command to Create New Project.

Create New Project Command -

This will display the Create Project Wizard control. This wizard makes it easy to create your project, simply follow the steps.

There are four steps:

  1. ​Identify the type of project. There are three types:
    • Exterior Renovation – These are projects affecting the exterior portion of the home. Examples of areas in this type: Roofing and Garage.
    • Interior Renovation – These are projects affecting the interior portion of the home. Examples of areas in this type: Bedrooms, Hallways, and Living Room.
    • Outdoor – These are projects affecting other areas not related to the home building itself. Examples of areas in this type: Landscaping and Water Features.
      New Project - Step 1 -
      1. Identify the Area for the project. Remember a project has always ONE area. Depending on the type of project you select, the system will display the available areas to select. For example, selecting Interior Project will result in the following:
      New project - Step 2 -
      1. Next, select all Items within the selected area you wish to include in your project. Don’t worry, in case you miss anything or changes your mind and decide to exclude something from your project you can simply change the Items in your project anytime you want.
      New Project - Step 3 -
      1. Finally, you will assign a name and the basic parameters for your project. Note that although other than Name all other fields are optional, it is highly recommended you enter them.
        The system will be able to help you better with reporting and other features if the information about the project is complete.
      New Project - Step 4 -

      Before we continue, one important note about using the Description field: Make sure to capture the essence of your project.

      This is of great value, as many people tend to deviate from the original plan.

      By clearly defining what your objective is and documenting here why you are taking on this project, what are your expectations and wish list, it will ensure you have the baseline recorded and can always refer to it in case you find yourself straying away.

      This is it, once you click on the submit button you should see a confirmation screen and the system will then take you to the new project for your get started on collecting ideas under the Inspiring Stage, which will be the focus of our next article.

      However, before we go…

      Useful tip!

      Create projects in for all your ideas for future projects.

      Even if you don’t plan to start on it for a few years, by creating the project you have the vehicle that will allow you to collect and store your ideas, inspirational images and thoughts for future use and reference.

      Then whenever the time is right, you will be ready and prepared to take-off!

      Happy Renovating from the Team!


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