Stone over concrete porch: Welcome Home

Front Porch-natural stone -

Project details showing how to install natural stone over cracked leaking concrete porch. Diagnosis to remedy, improve curb appeal.

Wood product education: Beautiful by nature

lots of wood details in this house

Talk like the pro’s, DIY understanding of softwood/hardwood and man-made wood products. Learn PT and softwood lumber grading, certified lumber products.

Ramp up home efficiency for comfort and savings!

energy efficiency testing for a home

A home energy efficiency audit to understand where you are and target improvements. North American homes need to go on an energy diet and soon, why?

Painting tips for the perfect finish to your project

painting a room

Painting is a great way to freshen up a room or your whole home. Here are a number of great painting tips that will improve your projects results.

Kitchen Appliance Buying Guide

Kitchen Appliance buying Guide - Kitchen Appliances -

In this appliance buying guide article we will discuss many of the elements you should consider when choosing a major kitchen appliance.

ICF Construction: 5 reasons to consider

Energy Efficiency is the main reason people choose ICF for their home, however other benefits that make it even more appealing to homeowners.

Knocking down walls, relationships that survive renovations

Renovations or building projects are a litmus for your relationship, testing communication skills, ability to compromise and maximize individual strengths.

Kitchen Update Ideas – Easy as 1-2-3

Kitchen Udate Ideas- Classical Kitchen

Kitchen update ideas come in many different shapes, sizes and DIY skill levels. You can find great easy projects to add value to your home here.

6 Important Things to Help Sell Your House

The 6 "c" to selling your house -

On this article we cover the 6 most important things you should do in order to sell your house quicker and for top dollars!

Is it time to give your fireplace a makeover?

Often the fireplace is like a “time capsule” reminding us that we are not living in a new house. Is it time for a fireplace facelift?