Kitchen Update Ideas – Easy as 1-2-3

Kitchen Udate Ideas- Classical Kitchen

Kitchen update ideas come in many different shapes and sizes and more importantly, DIY skill levels. You can find great ideas ranging from the basic DIY project through to those requiring advanced skills. Since kitchen updates add so much enjoyment of your home whatever project you decide to take on will add value. Let’s look at a few areas that you can tackle depending on your budget and skill level.

Kitchen Update Ideas -Basic Projects – level 1

New Hardware - It may sometimes be overlooked as simply a utility item in a kitchen but hardware can make a huge impact. Style and color of hardware trends change over the years. So a simple upgrade in the finish and type of cabinet hinges or knobs can make a significant difference in your décor. With the use of a few common hand tools even the freshest DIY participant can tackle this project.

kitchen update ideas - Kitchen cabinet hardware -

Paint or Wallpaper - A coat of paint can make a big difference in your kitchen. By adding a bright colour you can freshen up a tired dark look quickly. Wallpaper is something a lot of people think was just for your grandmother’s house. Have a look around a paint and décor shop. You will find lots of new patterns and durable finishes that are easy to apply and can provide a great visual change in your kitchen space. Want to learn more about how a paint colour sets a mood ?

kitchen update ideas - painting cabinets -

Faucets and sinks – This project is a little more advanced but well within the reach of the average DIY’er. Have a look at the vast assortments at your local home improvement store and you will find something to fit every budget and style choice. Don’t forget to match the finishes to the new hardware you have chosen or perhaps a coordinated contrast is the choice. Either way it will add to the overall look of the update.

kitchen update ideas - classic style faucet -

Kitchen Update Ideas - Intermediate Projects – Level 2

Light Fixtures – These gets overlooked sometimes but new light fixtures are and easy switch out. This update  will make a big difference in the décor as well as the functionality of your kitchen space. You might consider adding under cabinet lighting. This provides a great décor feature as well as new task oriented lighting to improve your overall kitchen efficiency. You can learn more about lighting form and function in our article Kitchen Design Ideas

kitchen update ideas - kitchen lights -

Counter Tops – This project can go in many different directions depending on your ability and budget. From the basic upgrade in laminates, concrete tops up to the newest in quartz materials this upgrade pays big dividends. Learn all about the various choices available to you here: Kitchen Counter Tops – Many Choices

Backsplash – This goes hand in hand with new countertops. You will find many different alternatives in this space but one of the most common you see today is tile. This solution comes in many sizes and formats from peal and stick to the traditional adhesive and grout. You will find materials in glass, porcelain and ceramics or some combination of them. But don’t overlook some newer DIY alternatives like panels with the look of copper or stainless steel. Whatever product you decide on, the effect of the décor in your kitchen can be huge.

kitchen update ideas - backsplash -

Painting Cabinets – Whenever this project gets mentioned it sometimes makes people a little un-easy. But have no fear, new technologies let you paint almost anything. Simply follow a few preparation steps, apply some primer and then a top coat. When it comes to painting old worn and tired cabinets the work you put in will have a major impact on the look and value of you renovated kitchen space.

kitche update ideas - painted cabinets -

Kitchen Update Ideas - Advanced Projects – Level 3

Re-facing Cabinets – Although this is not a big step up from repainting but it does require a little more skill. If you want to change the style of your current cabinets and your happy with the configuration of the kitchen this is a good option for you. In most cases you will find that the cabinet door and drawer fronts in your home are fairly standard in size. Replacements can be ordered through your local kitchen cabinet shop or home improvement store. Your choice can completely modernize your kitchens appearance so spend some time making your sections and planning.

kitchen update ideas - refacing cabinets -

Flooring – This project is considered advanced because the preparation can be significant. If you have just decided to apply peal and stick tiles over the old floor that’s one level. But if you decide to remove the existing floor materials, prepare a new subfloor and then apply a new surface the time, skill and cost are a little more significant. This is another aspect of kitchen remodeling that will have a profound effect on the look and feel of your kitchen space. Choosing a new floor will be much easier after reading our Guide to Choosing Yours 

Replacing Cabinets – Definitely the domain of the more advanced DIY folks in the crowd but still a very manageable DIY project. If you decide on a complete overhaul of your kitchen space, it’s a good opportunity to consider the overall design of the space. Is the current layout working for you and your family or perhaps you want to add an island or another feature? You can find lots of helpful advice on this topic in our recent article on Kitchen Design Ideas.

kitchen Design -

Whatever your skill level or scope of your kitchen update project, the most important aspect of a successful result is planning!

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