6 Important Things to Help Sell Your House

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The goal is simple: Sell your house quickly and for the best possible price. Making that happen, not always that simple... The moment you put out the sign, you are in business and competing with every other listed house on the market. Prepare to win by getting the most for letting someone else have your home!

6 c’s to successfully selling your home!

​Selling a house is easy...selling it for the best possible price requires some work. Maximizing resale value should always be in your mind. It is statistically proven that investing in rooms like Kitchens, Bathrooms and Master Bedrooms can greatly improve your house.

Following are the key things you should focus on when you decide to sell.​

Compare, your product to theirs!

Prior to listing your house do your home homework, look at similar houses selling in the area. Look at the price they are asking and how long they are staying on the market.

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The appraised price plus or minus local market conditions, equals the suggested list price. The local market conditions may be that there are very few homes available and a lot of buyers. This is a simple case of supply and demand. Make sure you know your local market conditions.

Compare houses sold in the area by going to open houses or read listing to determine what they are offering for their price. Understand that every house on the market will be your competition therefore knowing your competition is critical. Does the house down the road have more or less than your house? Consider rooms, upgrades to kitchens or baths, new windows, square footage, new roof, curb appeal, yard space, age of structure and location.

Clean, then clean some more!

In cleaning, removing clutter is very important as it makes the space feel larger. Remove excessive furniture, toys and clothes in closets. Yes, even too many tools and toys in the garage can be a negative.

  • Wipe down all surfaces, including walls, trim and cabinets. 
  • Remove dust from filters, fans and vents. 
  • Scrub all tile and grout.
  • Polish floors, counter tops, windows, sinks and toilets. 
  • Steam clean all carpets and drapes. 
  • Remove weeds, trim hedges, remove dead shrubs or trees.
  • Cut the grass.
  • Clean the gutters.
  • Replace burnt out light yard lights.
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Capital, yes repairs and replacement costs will be returned!

Fix anything that sticks, squeaks, is cracked, ripped or wiggles.

  • Lights, fans, switches, door knobs, screens, cabinet handles, closet doors, water fixtures and toilet seats. 
  • Look at walls and repair any damage. 
  • Check outside to ensure door bells, steps, railings and gates are in proper repair. 
  • Bring up to date by removing popcorn ceilings or for that matter any textured ceiling. 
  • Kitchen countertops.
  • Sinks or taps. 
  • Weather stripping around doors and windows. 
  • Replace dated towel bars or toilet paper holders. 
  • Install new appliances, I know sounds crazy however old appliances can take the shine out of a new kitchen and you may be able to sell them to the new owner for more than they were worth. 
  • See if window blinds, storm doors and shutters need replacing


Replace color and shine, remove yellow and brown!

A fresh coat of flat neutral colored paint brightens any space and hides imperfections. Paint trim, cabinets and even unfinished basement floors. Ensure outside sheds or garages match the house. Put a new coat of paint or stain on decks, railings and fences. Paint ceilings a flat white and make imperfections disappear.

Check hardwood floors to make sure that refinishing is not in order, yes a big project but shinny professionally refinished floors is money well spent. Another option to quickly cover an area is to use many of the self adhesive vinyl plank style flooring options on the market, they are definitely not as good as real tile or wood however quick and look great.

Replace dated rings on pot lights, electrical covers, smoke alarms and thermostats that get yellowed over time.

Re-seal the driveway, paint the garage door. Re-seed the lawn or put a heavy fertilizer to green up the lawn.


Time to make your home feel like theirs.

You want your home to be clutter free but personalized at the same time. So often we hear “remove personal pictures” however people buy from people and therefore a reasonable amount of personal items makes sense. Decorate the home to the season.


By ensuring candles are burning, low lighting and a pleasant smell can make your customer feel welcome and relaxed. Plan on cooking a batch of cookies just before their arrival, fills your belly and might make them feel more comfortable about making an offer.


You have to know when to hold them...know when to fold them.

Kenny Rogers
Singer / Songwriter

In many markets there are fewer houses on the market than buyers and that makes multiple offers commonplace. This is not a time for any emotion,  as you are in the business of selling your home for the most you can, not because “they were nice”.

Some sellers will choose to refuse any offers until a specific date. This is risky but sometimes creates a bidding war. How you sell your house will not matter, if you don't have a product buyers want to fight over.

Sell your house - maximizing resale value

Your house is likely you largest asset. Whether you plan to cash on that now or many years from now, the key is to always look at it as an investment as well as the place you want to feel good when living in.

Making sure every improvement you decide on is satisfying both of these important points you are safely investing in your comfort and pleasure now as well as in the highest possible return later!

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