The Defining Stage

The Defining Stage -

The Defining Stage in the home renovation framework will help bring your home renovation dreams into reality!

Self-Organizing Information​

One of the main benefits of using our framework is getting all your home renovation project information stored in a self-organized way without any extra effort from you to achieve it, the system guides you through it naturally.

For example, below you can see how has created activity cards for each individual item in the project, therefore making it very simple for you to store any information in the right spot without requiring you to create folders, sub-folders, categories, etc...​

The Defining Stage -

You can now start collecting all kinds of details about each item in your project!

The Product Research activity in the Defining Stage is designed to provide an easy to use method to capture files, links, images... anything you need to help deciding and planning all details for each item.

The File Manager ​

Once you click on Product Research activity of any given item, the system will open the File Manager screen which is focused on the selected item only (in our example: Cabinetry), as a result, you will not see information or files not related to that item of your project, helping you stay focused and consequently more productive!

File Manager - Defining Stage -

​On the image above we also show how easy it is to collect information of different types and have them neatly organized and easily accessible when needed.

No matter where or when, from your smartphone, computer, tablet... all this information is always available for you!


Another handy feature is to use FILTERS to narrow down information within the File Manager screen.

For example, in the previous image note that some files are tagged with a GOLDEN STAR indicating they have been added to the FAVORITES filter, then by clicking or tapping on Favorites you will automatically focus on the tagged files only!

defining stage - filters - favorites -

Favorites Filter - File Manager

Keep an Eye on Space

There are many places and ways to keep track of the space being used. The system provides several indicators such as the one in the image above showing the user that 2% of the allocated space has been utilized.

Space Management is a key feature of the system, our advanced file management system will optimize space of your account constantly making sure your information is well compacted, safely stored and yet quickly available for retrieval at any time!

Progress Report

In addition to providing you with an easy to use, easy to follow home renovation planning and tracking framework,  makes it easy to keep track of your progress.

Within each activity card you will find an indicator that shows percentage complete as well as a visual Checkmark indicator, both provide a quick and simple way to know right away how your project is moving!

Project Progress Indicators -

More to come!

This is just the start, more exciting features and activities will be coming soon! 

Stay tuned for our next article about the PLANNING STAGE! See you next week!​

Until then make sure to register and start your next project!


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