Outdoor Storage Ideas for Your Home

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Outdoor storage solutions are top of mind at this time of year as we get ready to pack away all the outdoor furniture and accessories. There are solutions available right off the shelf at your home improvement centres as well as custom designs like those discussed in our article on Garden Sheds. Perhaps you have that covered and are looking for other ideas to add to your available storage, well read on…..

Outdoor Storage Ideas

Outdoor storage always seems to be an issue summer and fall. Actually storage in general around the home seems to be an issue. The garage is usually the go-to solution for most of us. We cover a number of alternatives for this space in our article on Garage Storage. Interior storage is another topic all together and we cover much of that in Storage tips and Kitchen Storage articles.

Recycling Centers

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Let’s talk about a few simple outdoor solutions that will make your life easier. A very common problem homeowner’s encounter is how to manage the recycling and garbage containers. By creating an outdoor recycling storage center you can get organized and reclaim some yard space. Locating these alongside the house or in passage away gets this out of the way visually. At the same time keeps things out of the weather and away from animal or pests reach. There are a number of plans and suggestions show in this article at HGTV.

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Storage Benches and Tables

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There are plenty of simple solutions to outdoor storage that are great DIY solutions. Most of us has a bench or coffee table of some sort on our decks. Perhaps you can create a simple solution under the top to provide another storage place. Adding some hinges and a simple wooden box frame can add a place for lanterns, cushions or whatever else.

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Other Alternatives

Maybe its good time to consider recycling an old piece of furniture by creating an outdoor bar or potting bench. With a little paint you can make sure it blends in to your outdoor décor. Need some tips on painting? Check out our article on Painting Furniture.

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Under Deck Ideas

Sometimes there are particle alternatives right under our noses or under our feet! If you have a raised deck, what’s happening with the space under it? This is a great way to make use of dead space and create an all season storage space. If you need any tips on framing and deck construction for this project you are sure to find lots in these two articles. Deck Framing and Outdoor Deck Planning. You can get creative with you design, like building in drawers and lockers. Or perhaps something as simple as a gate with storage boxes. Either way it’s a great solution to turning a blank space into a storage solution.

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There are a number of particle storage solution alternatives available in every back yard. Big or small, every extra bit counts in turning your home into an organizational masterpiece.

Have fun, plan it, do it, share it with quinju.com!


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