Basement Renovations: 11 rooms to inspire

contemporary basement renovations design

Basement renovations: When designing a new home the focus of attention is on the appearance and function, primarily above grade. The basement walls simply provide the support for upper floor and a frame to challenge your creative mind. Let's start dreaming space by space!

The final design of your basement will of course be limited by existing elements like windows, walls and of course budget but after these considerations try and stack room location based on the number of people per space, why?

The idea is the more people likely to use a room the closer to the entrance the room should be. Wet bars, movie theaters and games rooms are typically close to entrances, while bedrooms are best located furthest away from stairs for privacy. 

11 spaces in your basement renovations

reading area alcove basement

1. Reading nook- Your great escape awaits, hidden from the noise, armed with large comfortable furniture covered with lots of pillows and blankets. Eclectic art hung on walls and books, yes books on the walls. Books that will likely never be read again but there just to remind you how much you enjoy reading!

2. Theater room- Plenty of comfortable chairs all focused on a single point. Industrial in nature where creativity takes a break and the screen takes control of your imagination. Wall art, decorations or even windows are not important in this room. When laying out your basement renovation design, take a look at this handy calculator to determine room size. 

3. Art and craft room- It doesn’t matter how old you are there is nothing better than a space to work on your favorite hobby without any need to clean when taking a break. A large work table, good lighting and open shelves for individual bin storage make an excellent work room. 

4. Wet bar- A long counter space with tall stools becomes the social gathering spot no matter what you are serving. Wide hallways with a long bar on one side and a gallery of unique artwork on the other makes for interesting conversation. If the space is too narrow, ditch the need for space to stand behind the bar! 

5. Bedroom- Basement bedrooms can be a great space for a teenager, guest bedroom, shift-worker hibernation or hiding spot for afternoon naps. Remember egress windows are a great safety feature and required in many municipalities, check on all requirements before starting your basement renovation. 

6. Basement kitchen- To some, kitchens in the basement are a necessity, consider incorporating the space into other areas like the bar. Kitchen design information can be found here. 

wine and cigar room

7. Wine room- great use for a small alcove with custom build-ins and a locking door!

8. Games room- Focus on the physical space, choose the central game, ping pong, pool or shuffle board and then determine the amount of space needed to properly play the game. We have all seen a beautiful pool table room with pool cue dents in the walls. Try this room size calculator

9. Cigar room- Not exactly PC but everyone has their own opinion and by having a dedicated space with doors and an exhaust fan, your vice does not need to affect others. A wine/cigar room can work well together.

10. Play space- These are as unique as your mind can imagine, it could be a children’s play house built under the stairs or shooting gallery for your young hockey or soccer star.

11. Exercise room- some may see this as an area close to the social areas and others want the space hidden back off the bedroom, it’s your design! Consider ceiling height for dumbbell shoulder presses, running on treadmill or stair climber. Ventilation by incorporating an exhaust fan or opening window into your basement renovations is a good consideration.

If you can fit each of these rooms into your basement renovations, were jealous! If you don’t have all this space consider multi-use, like hobby room and reading nook may work well together as does a spare bedroom and workout area.

Finally, the traditional use of a basement is storage, unless your habits are different from most there will always be the need for storage. Look for unique cuby spaces for storage of off season clothes, sports equipment or decorations.

Basement renovations are often the budding DIYer’s testing ground. Remember that codes apply even when your doing it yourself and your work is hidden from view. Check with your local building department and speak to your insurance provider. If you are at all unsure seek out a qualified contractor and ask to work with them or do some aspects of the project.


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