Great Gift Ideas for Home Renovation

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Do you have someone completing a home renovation on your shopping list? Perhaps they are keen home renovators are just hard to buy for. Here are a few gift ideas for home renovation that are sure to please. From the beginning home renovator to the serial DIY’ers. Whatever the skill level of your gift recipient these items will come in handy in any home.

The Basic Home Tool Kit

gift ideas for home rennovation-tool

If you are looking for a great gift for the new home owner or the DIY beginner a basic tool kit is a must. Every home needs a few basic tools for those minor fix ups that most everyone can take on. This should include a hammer, screwdrivers, a few wrenches, a pair of pliers, an adjustable wrench, locking pliers and a utility knife cover the basics. There are many basic tool kits available that come in a self-contained storage case. Having a unit like this makes it easy to tuck into a closet for storage when not in use.

Battery operated hand tools

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For the more serious DIY home renovator the latest in battery operated tools will be a very welcomed gift. The latest technologies that come from innovative new lithium batteries have improved battery operated tools immensely. There are many versions in 18 volt or 20 volt capacity that come from all the major power tool manufactures. These tools provide great power and battery capacity. What you should look for in these tools is an interchangeable battery system so the battery can be used on multiple tools. Warranty is another important consideration and most of the major brands offer 3 years’ warranty or more. 

Garage door opener

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An electric garage door opener would be a welcomed gift to a home without one especially during these colder months. Saving your loved one the hassle of getting out of the car to lift a heavy garage door is a thoughtful gift idea. Garage door openers come sized by HP or horse power. The higher this number the stronger the unit’s capacity. A good standard unit is the ½ HP size as this can lift up to 300 lbs. which will handle a single garage door with ease. Garage door openers come with various feature like chain or belt drive, automatic lights, and various remote control opening options. The most important aspect when making your selection is the actual HP capacity when it comes to doors over the single wide size doors. A double sized wooden garage door would require a 1 HP unit for example

Doorbell security camera

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There are many new and innovative home security products on the market today. A gift of a home security item like a doorbell security camera says you care about you loved one’s safety. There are a few types of these products available today. They are very easy to install, simply remove the current door bell, detach the wires and attached the new units. Most of these products have an app that loads on your smartphone and offers remote monitoring. These units are well designed and incorporate an inconspicuous hidden camera that lets you monitor the exterior of your home whenever the doorbell gets pressed.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Another thoughtful gift idea is to help improve the homes safety. A carbon monoxide detector is a must in any home with an attached garage or a fuel burning appliance of any type. These products come in easy plug in versions as well as ceiling mounted battery operated and hard wired models. Insuring that the homes air quality is safe is important at any time but especially true in the winter months. It’s important that the home gets enough fresh air at all times. You can learn more about proper home ventilation in our recent article here.

Electronic thermostat

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A great gift idea that most people don’t think about for themselves is a new electronic thermostat. There are many different types of these available for as little at $49.99 and offer a multitude of features. The great think about many of these units is the ability to schedule your heating cycles based on your families’ schedule. By incorporating an electronic thermostat, a typical homeowner can save hundreds of dollars in heating and cooling costs throughout the year. Just like the options in home security many of the newer types of electronics offer the ability to manage your homes systems remotely.

Maybe you can’t decide what you home owner might need, there is always the gift card option offered by all the major home improvement stores. Whatever you finally decide to purchase for the DIY’er on your shopping list be sure to get a gift receipt. This will insure that they get whatever they need to complete their home improvement project the way they planned and make your thoughtful gift part of their happy home.


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