Upcycle, let’s make it new again!

upcycle www.quinju.com turn door into a chalk board

Upcycle the art of taking something that is considered waste and repurposing it, to sell, gift or use in your own home. The ability to discover an unintended use for an object, requires the skills and imagination of both an inventor and artist.

Where to find Upcycle Inspiration? ​

Enthusiasts come at a new creation in one of two ways!

1. They have an item that they recognize has a greater use and store it away until that use is discovered


2. They have a need and look for a unique solution to fulfill that need!

It doesn't matter what path you took to discovering the Upcycle life, we are glad you decided to take the journey! 

Years ago someone who collected old stuff was considered a junk collector but now considered creative. There is no right or wrong, good or bad just pure creativity!

Stop looking at items as what they are but what they could be, find a different lens!

Create the conversation
www.quinju.com luggage coffee table to remind you to always pack light upcycle

Unique items in your house relate to your personality and style. A coffee table made from an old piece of luggage, reminds you to pack light and always be ready for an adventure!

upcycle old dresser quinju.com

Or take your grand mother’s dresser and turn it into a unique bathroom vanity, giving segue to amazing stories of her life. Learn about other bathroom renovation ideas. 

Save money
upcycle quinju.com door to headboard

Buying new is expensive and unimaginative, save by Upcycling and creating life in a thrown away item. Save the money for a new headboard by Upcycling louvered closet or any door, the money saved can go towards paying down debt or invested in your kids education.

Take an old headboard and transform it into a towel rack or coat rack, install old house numbers to really make it unique.

Reduce your footprint
upcycle dresser www.quinju.com

Like recycling, Upcycling reduces your footprint by reducing the demand for new products. The damaged piece of furniture gets a new face with decoupage. It doesn’t matter if it came from your house or picked out of someone’s garbage…it didn’t make it to the landfill.

Keep them guessing
upcycle mattress spring www.quinju.com

Your company will be amazed and wonder where the inspiration came from. There is something magical about blending history with modern day uses, it brings back unique memories and inspires new. An old mattress spring may rekindle memories and stories, who would have thought there were so many upcycle uses?

upcycle mattress spring www.quinju.com
Send us your unique ideas to share!

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  1. Paula Montgomery

    Love the layout, the information, and the ideas… Who would have thought of an old suitcase made into a table and storage… Brilliant.. Loved it


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