Eavestrough, Fascia, Soffit to frame home style

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Eavestrough, Soffits and Fascia are often overlooked however play a critical role to the performance of your home.

Products are available in almost any color and are used as accents, setting the style of the entire home.

Installs of this type require working at heights and at times within range of electrical lines. Hiring companies that have good health and safety records and maintain insurance is important to your peace of mind.

Eavestrough- Water redirected!

Eavestroughs are often forgotten however old Eavestroughs that have rusted out or leak need attention. Water dripping onto sidewalks and driveways, form ice in the winter can create a slip hazard. An annual roof inspection will identify trouble with Eavestroughs.

Homes with 4 inch Eavestroughs often experience capacity problems during heavy rain storms due to undersized troughs and often do not meet current Building Codes.

New 5″ Eavestroughs provide additional capacity and by using seamless technology these Eavestrough have no leaks.

Drop downspouts for safety www.quinju.com

An additional nicety is downspouts that flip up when not required to safe guard against tripping or damage.  

Traditional Eavestrough hangers are effective however continuous hangers provide increased strength from snow and ice and guard against leaves from clogging the trough.

Eavestrough downspout accessories quinju.com

All aluminum Soffit, Fascia, and Eavestrough products come in a wide variety of different colors to suit any exterior house color.

Choose accessories to show your uniqueness!


The forward-facing strip that sits between the roof and the walls is referred to as Fascia.

Produced in modern long-lasting materials, Fascia enhances your home as well as reducing the need for costly painting and maintenance.

Fascia is often covered by Eavestrough with exception of the gables where it is highly visible, therefore professional installation is critical. 

Soffit- Ventillation

Laying perpendicular to the ground, between the fascia/trough and wall are the Soffits. The combination of vented and solid pieces of aluminum are critical to the performance of your attic space and therefore energy efficiency of your home.

ventilating attic quinju.com

The heat of the attic space created from solar gain or bleeding from the living space rises pulling fresh air through the soffit cooling the roof and protecting it from ice damage. The evacuation of warm moist air ensures the attic space stays moisture free. An improperly vented attic will void most Shingle Manufactures product warranties.

This is not a do-it-yourself project, focus on safety and quality workmanship as paying a little more to get the quality your house deserves, may be your best investment.


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