The Best New Laundry Room Design Ideas

The best new laundry room designs include many aspects. A fresh, bright multipurpose laundry room is high on the priority list of home shoppers and home renovation enthusiasts. The mostly forgotten utility area in the basement of many homes in the past thirty years is long gone.

Of course, not all homes have all of the space that you might like for all of your ideas so it does come down to practicality. When you start to make your deign choices consider what aspects are most important for your lifestyle. Is it storage or perhaps a combination craft/hobby room with the laundry facilities?

Laundry Room Location

Another important consideration is the laundry room location in the home. If it’s on the main floor perhaps added storage for extra cookware or supplies is required. If you have a laundry located on the floor with bedrooms perhaps it will double as a linen closet and out season clothing storage.

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Many times the utilitarian spaces in our homes don’t get the attention they deserve. However, with some planning and proper design choices you can make your space come to life. As you look into laundry room, design ideas for remodel inspiration think about planning for multiple uses for this room. This room can house a number of combination items like cleaning supplies, out of season items or perhaps it doubles as a mud room and your require extra closet spaces. Turn your laundry room into a one-stop-shop and super productive room.

Storage Solutions 

Many of the home centers and kitchen design shops can help you add built in storage solutions. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a DIY solution the home organization and improvement stores have plenty of easy to add solutions. You will find solutions like ironing boards built into slim cabinets to fit behind a door. Another consideration are fold up and pull down drying racks that easily store out of sight when not in use. A popular idea is a folding table, but this is not always practical with space limitations. So in this case consider a wall hung fold up unit.

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Decorating Ideas

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Perhaps the design choices are now complete and you’re looking to decorate your laundry room. With plenty of laundry room decorating ideas out there to choose from. You’re sure to find something that speaks to you. Because there isn't typically a lot of counter space to spare, take advantage of your walls when decorating. Bright paint or wallpaper can help make chores pleasant, adding things like motivational signs, posters or décor items can enhance your laundry room décor. For tips on painting or wall paper check these articles. If you have an open concept storage areas, think about the look, color and design of the storage containers you use.

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Sometimes the best design and décor inspiration comes from what mood you want to create. From stylish high-end finishes to simple whimsical décor, choices be sure to make your laundry room design choices upbeat and motivational in your home.


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