Government Rebates on Windows, Wise in Ontario

Government rebates windows, wise Ontario

The Ontario Green Fund is providing very generous rebates to decrease carbon footprint of our homes. You can save energy costs by replacing windows, upgrading insulation, appliances and furnaces or ​Smart Thermostats, plus get rebates from the government. 

Find out how you can bennefit

The information documentation to be completed and made available to collect your rebate is extensive and ultimately your responsibility. Be Smart, be in control, get your money!

Be Informed!

learn about windows, how to select the style that is right for you and your home.

Am I qualified to get a rebate? 

Any Ontario residents who lives in a detached home, semi, or townhome is eligible for Green Ontario Fund Rebates. Renters must have the written permission of the owner/landlord. By starting a project on you will see detailed requirements of the Green Ontario Fund. 

Professional qualified installation is required!

How windows are installed is just as important as the type of windows you choose to buy.
Make sure it is a Green Ontario Fund participating contractor and store all documents by registering for a free
Look for Window Wise certified Installers. 

how does window wise certification bennefit me?

A Window Wise quality assured and energy efficient window installation offers a level of confidence and peace of mind by delivering;

• a full 5 year transferable guarantee
• a trained, certified window dealer and window installation contractor
• random job inspections to ensure contractor workmanship and customer service
• high quality, energy star efficient windows
• registration of your window replacement job ensuring all product and installation criteria have been met. The best way is to start a free project, you can call it "My window replacement". 

how much money is available? 

The Ontario Green Fund is providing rebates of 500.00 per window opening up to 5,000 per home for Ontario residents who install new windows in 2018. Windows must be from an approved manufacturer and installed by a certified Installer.

How do i get my money?

  1. Start a project in, we have loaded the detailed requirements that will ensure you get all the right documentation.
  2. Find the right contractor and invite them into your project, insist on this after all it is your money.
  3. Ensure the approved installer is installing windows from an approved manufacturer. By starting a free project you will find the requirements for windows to be approved under this rebate program.

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