Hello and welcome to ! We are very excited about bringing this new service to life and want to spend a few minutes providing an overview of the site.

What is quinju.coM?​

In summary, is a service that provides homeowners with an easy to follow framework allowing them to accomplish two very important things in relation to their home renovation projects:

  1. Easily and clearly organize all the information about renovation projects they execute. Big or small, everything naturally goes into the right place just by following the stages of the framework laid out by
  2. Create detailed files or archives of their renovation projects, which is valuable in many ways. For example, invoking warranties and helping increase the resale value of your home (more on that one later) among many others.

Another trademark of ALL our plans offer the complete set of features, including the FREE accounts, which are in fact free forever. What determines the need to update your plan is whether you require more space to store all your projects' data.

Lastly, our design works on all devices. From large screens to smart phones. It runs on all modern browsers. This guarantees access to your home renovation binder and home improvement portfolio tool information anywhere, anytime!

The Framework

Let's now look at the framework used by

You will see as you read through that it is very much like any home renovation project normally evolves. The framework helps you structure your project simply by following it. There are three major phases: Dream It, Do It and Record It. You probably have seen references to these terms in many of our articles. - framework phases

Within each of these phases, there are one or more stages.  Here they are:

Dream it - Inspiring

The Inspiring stage is where every project starts. You might have seen something in a magazine, on TV Show, on a website or even at some place you visited. That gets your ideas going and now you are thinking, "Something like that would work great at our place!"

Here's one of the ways is great... Many times, because a project may not be something you can pursue right away, that idea or inspiration for a project ends up lost, and over time, when things change and you're now ready to complete your project, you can't find the details. The frustration of "Where was it that we saw that?"  as you attempt to recall your idea is alleviated with  

With, whether you can start the project right away or whether you need to wait a year, you can capture those inspiring ideas on the spot; they will be stored and available to you whenever the time is right! - Stages - Inspiring

Here's an example: You're at the doctor's office, flipping through a magazine, you see this amazing room that would work perfectly in your home. With you can log into your account using your smart phone, open a new project (takes literally 30 seconds or less!) and snap pictures of the magazine directly from your phone's camera into your new project!

With one tap, the images will go into the specific item for that project under the inspiring stage. You can add captions to each image to reference later on. Things like magazine name, issue, some details on how that would work in your project, etc.

Now, it doesn't matter if you can only start in 6 months or even a year later, all the details are there for you!

​Dream It - Defining

The next stage is Defining and this is where you start shaping up your project by doing product research.

Our model uses the same basic principles through various screens. You can store a variety of things under each item of your project: videos, links to websites, files of all kinds, even audio files! Hint: These are handy when you're driving around, see something but can't stop to take notes. Create a quick voice note on your phone and save it in your project! - Stages - Defining

The application is very easy to use and applies a set of basic elements which means, it takes just a few minutes for you to learn how to use it. For added piece of mind, help is available on all screens.

Do It - Planning

Now we are entering the phase where things will start moving: Do It. Planning is the first stage in this phase and although some level of planning has been done when doing Product Research during the previous stage, this is about putting together the details for actual execution. - Stages - Planning

Here's where you start gathering information on installation, quotes on materials and services. Which products and services actually fit your budget? Based on this information, do you need to change your expectations? Update your budget? Consider doing certain things yourself versus hiring help... You're now moving towards making all of the decisions required to the next stage of the Do It phase - Implementing.

One great features is even the quotes and information you have decided not to pursue are there, still available and safely stored. They may come handy later in the project or even at a later time for another project!

Do It - Implementing

​This is exciting, rolling up your sleeves, getting your hands dirty (or getting the contractors to get their hands dirty). Either way, it is time to make things happen! - Stages - Implementing

Everything starts with storing orders, invoices... any documents related to getting the materials and services you need for your project.

For every document​ you can capture actual values which are automatically tracked by Easy to read budget x actual information is available on the summary page of your project at all times. - Financial Summary

During Implementing, the system helps you by making sure you capture before shots of your project. Not only are they great later to show how much improvement was done, but they also may come in handy if things don't go as planned. No matter what the scenario, follow the way and you're always prepared!

During execution, you have the ability to capture any change orders, document the evolution of the project, get shots (either pictures or videos) from areas that will be later covered and/or not accessible - these are especially valuable in the future if you need to re-open a wall and you're not quite sure what's behind it. With you will always know. - Project Information - Change Order

The possibilities are really up to you about how detailed you want to be on capturing the execution of your project. ​

We are sure you already realized also how all this information can help with the resale of your home in the future.

That being by providing home inspectors with details on areas they can't inspect directly or to prospect buyers showing detailed documentation on everything about your renovations. Having all this information can be the deciding factor for the buyer to choose your home in the end. The piece of mind of knowing what they are buying!

Record It​

The third phase is Record It. As you can appreciate, this phase really happens in parallel to the other phases, throughout execution of all previous stages!

We like to look at it separately because of all the benefit resulting from creating the detailed records: The information on your project on might be able to provide you with advantages in many scenarios:

  • Insurance: For example, by recording and capturing all details on utilizing higher rated materials on areas that can't be easily inspected such as behind walls, under paved / covered floor surfaces, etc. you will be able to provide full records (including pictures) that can result in premium reductions or ensuring fair value for claims that otherwise might go underpaid.
  • Maintenance: Whether you just need to ensure that a certain paint color matches, the appropriate replacement fastener is used or verify whether a repair is covered under the maintenance terms, it is all in your project just a couple of clicks away. Best of all, it follows you anywhere you can use your smartphone!
  • Future Projects: Whenever a project is too big or expensive to be completed "all in one shot," there is always the concern about not being able to complete it properly later. With you can be sure all information you require is safely stored and available to you whenever you're ready to continue. No more guessing about things like "What was the product used?" or "Who was the company that did this work?" 
  • Resale: Imagine having the advantage over other resale houses just by being able to provide your prospect buyers with detailed records on all the great work done on your home over the years. As an added bonus, once sale is complete, our support team can take all the information you wish to provide your buyer and either copy or transfer to their account and they can continue keeping the records going forward. This makes it easy for things like transferring warranties for example.
  • Many others...: There are no limits with! Countless situations where having your project records safely stored can mean the difference between piece of mind or sleepless nights! Don't let that happen to you!


This is just the start. We have many other additional features coming out!

For now, we hope this article was able to provide a good overview of the value in having a account and recording your home renovation projects. Over the next few weeks, we will provide more details on features we offer. Stay tuned!


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