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You may be planning a major kitchen renovation or just looking to update and organize your space. Either way there are many clever kitchen cabinet storage solutions on the market today to help get your kitchen space organized and more efficient.

Your kitchen is called upon to store everything from food and cooking equipment, small appliances, dishes, pots, pans and more. It’s important to get all these things organized to save space and make life easier. In this article we review some effective kitchen storage solutions. You have heard the phrase ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’. Well this is true no matter if your space is small or you have lots of room for walk-in pantries and cabinets. The goal is to maximize your kitchens storage capacity.

Kitchen Cabinets - Storage Solutions -

If you’re remodeling, consider how you can change the layout to add more storage cabinets. Or maybe you are just looking to improve your current spaces. If you are in the process of planning a new kitchen or renovation it pays to think about the design. Have a look at our earlier article on Kitchen Design Ideas. You will find ideas on the layout as well as a handy renovation checklist.

To maximize your kitchens existing storage you need to think about how you would like to organize your stuff. A common approach is to start organizing by grouping items by task or type. For example, your grilling equipment in one place or your mixing bowls and baking pans in another makes it easy to get ready for each job. Another consideration is to store items closet to where they are used. This or course is your goal – get organized to make your work and life easier.

Kitchen Cabinets - Basic Design -

Kitchen pantry cabinets are an excellent way to maximize a smaller space. The great thing about this type of storage is that in can be incorporated into your new design as well as retrofitted into your existing space. Pantry cabinets come in many different sizes and shapes from as small as a pull out that was once a tray cabinet to as complete as a broom closets turned into a pantry. The opportunities to utilize this type of storage are endless, cost effective and efficient.

Kitchen Cabinets - Storage Solutions -

In a new or retro fit of an existing kitchen there are numerous options to consider for effective storage. Pull out doors with sliders can contain shelves or racks for anything from a small appliance garage to pots and pan racks. This is a good time to consider drawers in your new design. A full size set of pot drawers can handle a full set of household pots and pans, roast pans and more. These are extremely effective as they are easy to lift in and out off, you can see everything and it hides these items away to create a clean and organized look in any kitchen space.

Kitchen Cabinets - Organize -

Even if your plan is not as grand as this there are many other simple items to use to improve organization. For example baskets can be used to store cook books, cutting boards or sheet pans. These are easy to move around and can keep all of these items organized and in one place when you need them.

In most home a kitchen typically has a bank of drawers, usual three to four drawers in a 24” wide cabinet. These sometimes can be a catch all and makes it hard to find things when you need them. Adding drawer dividers will help simplify your life here. Your local hardware or home improvement centre have lots of alternative at various price points to tackle this issue.

Kitchen Cabinets - Drawers Organizers -

Another easy addition is to convert a cutlery drawer to a spice rack. You can of course add this as a custom item in a new cabinet order. But you can also find these units in your local home improvement center. Many are very inexpensive and can be cut to size to fit just about any kitchen drawer.

Kitchen Cabinets - Spices Drawer -

A popular addition to kitchens these days is a compost station and recycling center. While you’re at it you might consider adding a hidden trash receptacle at the same time. This keeps all of your household waste out of site and easy to handle when it’s time to move it to the garage recycling bins or the curb side for pick up.

Kitchen Cabinets - Garbage Compartments -

A popular add on to a kitchen is a wine or beverage center. These frequently involve adding a beverage refrigerator and there are many types available today. Many have dual zones so that you accommodate white ne ad red wines at the appropriate temperature. If it’s an area for cold drinks for the kids this is even easier and doesn’t require a great deal of cost for a simple renovation. Often times there are unused cabinet spaces that can be converted. Modern cabinets are usually modular and one section or cabinet can be removed easily to accommodate a change like this. The only other thing you need to do is run in the electrical circuit.

Kitchen Cabinets - Liquor Storage -

Since we are talking about beverage storage, another easy item to add to improve storage is a wine-rack. You might find space for this inside and existing pantry or cabinet or perhaps you can add it to a dead space on an existing counter top. By adding wine racks to the kitchen space you will add a touch of elegance and style.

Kitchen Cabinets - Island Storage -

Consider other simple ways to maximize kitchen storage. Baskets are great catchalls for small equipment, and drawer dividers work wonders for taming unruly spatulas and spoons. Cabinet accessories, which can be implemented upon installation or after, work wonders in corralling kitchen clutter. 

Kitchen Cabinets - Organizing -

Even the very basic additions like open storage wall shelves filling an empty space can go a long way to improving your storage options. Plan for storage and make the most of the space in your kitchen and you’ll have a kitchen that’s organized and ready for anything.

Part of planning your cabinet space is considering the different types of material available, check our this article on Cabinet Materials to learn more.

Kitchen Cabinets -shelving -

Even the very basic additions like open storage wall shelves filling an empty space can go a long way to improving your storage options. Plan for storage and make the most of the space in your kitchen and you'll have a kitchen that's organized and ready for anything.

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