5 DIY Home Improvement Weekend Projects

5 DIY Home Improvement Winter Weekend Projects-winter home exteriors-quinju.com

It might still be cold outside but its getting near the end of winter and there are many great ways to keep working on your home. Here are 5 DIY home improvement weekend project ideas that will help you beat the winter blues.

Walls that Wow!

One of the most common home improvement projects people take on is painting. This doesn’t require any special skills or training, just some basic know how. Since you’re stuck inside right now anyway, why not add some color to one of those rooms you might not have gotten to yet. Adding a splash of color or interest in any room can improve the look and feel. Not only to the room but to your mood too. Your choice of room color can set the tone for everyone as the color choice has an effect on your overall mood. Find out more about the psychology of color in our recent article here. Maybe its just a feature wall that you’re thinking about. Chose one of the common color elements from your current décor and project that color to a feature wall in a complementary color. Do you need a few tips on getting started on your painting project? Check out this recent article “Painting tips for the perfect finish to your project”

winter weekend DIY projects-painted feature wall-quinju.com

What about Wallpapaer

Wallpaper is another way to add a dramatic effect in a room that needs a little pick-me up. There are many ways to incorporate a feature wall. Another popular trend is to add a textured fabric wallpaper. A very interesting and effective design option is to cover the bottom half of the wall. Then add a complementary color to offset the top. The effect will be completed effectively with the addition of a wall molding to separate the two. For more on wallpapering ideas and application tips read more here.

5 DIY Home Improvement Winter Weekend Projects-wallpaper geometric-quinju.com

Blue and white modern lounge

Wall trim is another element that will improve the overall look and feel of a room. Perhaps you have a standard rectangle dining room or living room. Adding a cove molding to the ceiling can add drama and interest to a drab ceiling. By using a complementing tone rather than the traditional white to the cove molding you can add another layer of depth. Ceilings and door frames are not the only place for molding and trim. Your walls can take on a completely new design element by adding molding. Check out our recent article on adding moldings to any room.

DIY weekend project ideas-interior wall trim-quinju.com

Kitchen Updates that pop!

Cabinet painting – Your kitchen is one of the areas of you home that pays big dividends when you spend the time on updating. If your cabinets are in good shape but just need an updated color its easier than you think to get that new look. Painting cabinets is not something most people think of but it is quite easy to do. You simply need to remove the doors and hardware, lightly sand, a coat of primer and then a finish coat and you almost done.

diy projects this winter weekend-painted cabinets-quinju.com

Next you need to consider the hardware. You can update the kitchen look by replacing dated drawer and door handles as well as the hinges. There are many more ideas and hints here, Kitchen Updates – Easy as 1-2-3.

A new backsplash is another item than can be easily updated by removing the current materials and replacing them. There are many options to consider in backslash materials like glass, metal, marble, ceramic and more. This component of your kitchen update can really change the whole look and feel of you kitchen.

Since your doing the backsplash, is it time to consider a counter top upgrade? There are so many options available, read more about counter top choices here, Kitchen counter tops – Many Choices

Lighten Up!

diy winter weekend projects-dining room light fixture-quinju.com

Working in the kitchen or relaxing in the bath tub require a different lighting condition. Since the winter months tend to have a lot of grey overcast days lighting in your home can have big impact. What ever style you chose for your room, perhaps it’s a classic chandelier design for your dining room. Or maybe its adding dome under cabinet ask lighting to you kitchen cabinets. Either way an upgrade in you lighting is a DIY project that you can easily tackle in a weekend.

winter weekend DIY projects-light bulbs-quinju.com

One other consideration in your lighting needs is the color of the light. The color produced by a standard household light bulb can vary on the light spectrum from warn to cool. Cool whites tend to be in the grey-violet spectrum and the warmed colors are more yellowish in their tone. Light bulbs have changed a lot over the past few years and changed from a typical filament incandescent bulb and then swung to compact fluorescent or CFL types. The CFL, although energy efficient, has some limitations in the color of light as well as the shape of the bulb in open or exposed light fixture styles. Now with recent advances in LED technologies you can achieve the look you want with everything from dimming chandelier bulbs to globe style bulbs for a vanity strip light. Either way with a light bulb upgrade you win, improve your mood, get the right light for the job and save energy at the same time.

Don’t close the door on this idea!

What about an evaluation of the condition of the interior doors in your home? Perhaps it’s time to replace a door with a more modern style. Our maybe you can replace your drab closet doors with an upgrade to mirrored doors. If you are looking for a way to improve the look and style of a passage door, perhaps the entrance to a sun room, porch or a dining room a French door is a great solution. This will let in the light at the same time as closing off the room as you need.

5 DIY Home Improvement Winter Weekend Projects-glass interior doors-quinju.com

Of course, a complete change out of your doors may not be required. A fresh coat of paint with some added trim and new hardware can make a plain wood veneer door look like a completely new version.

Bathroom updates to beat the blues!

Have look around your bathroom, is your grout gunky with unsightly mildew? Is your sink hopelessly outdated? Are you over the pale green paint you put on the walls three years ago? Need some help on choosing that new paint color? Read more here.

5 DIY Home Improvement Winter Weekend Projects-bathroom in color of the year-quinju.com

Bathrooms make great winter projects because once they’re done, you can appreciate your handiwork every single day. And, there are plenty of ways to frugally remodel your bathroom. Updates like replacing a faucet, re-grouting tile, or repainting are relatively easy for the do-it-yourselfer. But if you get more ambitious you want to replace the tile floor or buy a new toilet. If these changes are a little beyond your DIY skill level, you might want to call in professional help. Whatever the extent of your planned renovation you can find lots of ideas on updating your powder room here.

Any project you decide to focus on this weekend you can always keep track of your homes process by storing your images in your project file in your quinju account. So let’s get started by clicking on the button below. Happy Renovating!


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  1. These kind of home improvements are amazing. It will definitely recreate the look of your house. Doing improvements like this will increase the comfort of your house.Best thing to do during your weekends

  2. Kevin Mosley

    I think it’s a great idea to remodel your house from time to time. I love change and so I think a remodel is a good way to get that change in your life without it being crazy and overwhelming. You can still be in the same house you like, just update!


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