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The Magvent dryer connector is one of those amazing products that, once you find it, you wonder why you didn’t know about it before. Even though it is out of sight to my guests, it is the one feature of my laundry room renovation project that I must show everyone.

My wife has told me that I need to stop pulling out the dryer every time someone visits. My response is, “if I don’t pull out the dryer, how can they can see my new Magvent?”

Let’s start at the beginning. I recently started a laundry room project which I have been planning for about the last 6 months. Of course, I used to help me collect, organize and store all my project ideas and information.  

Gather / Organize / Store Project Knowledge /
Collect, Organize , Store / provided me quick and easy access to all my project’s images, brochures, internet links, documents, quotes, contracts, warranties, etc… anywhere and anytime.  It guided me through my project from start to completion. Now that my project is completed, every aspect of this project is archived in so I can conveniently access it in the future.

Collect, Organize , Store /

My laundry room project included many different aspects: new tile flooring, painting, new cabinetry, counter top, subway tile backsplash, LED pot lights along with under cabinet lighting, a new laundry sink and faucet, and various décor items to give it that personal touch. The cabinetry features a great pull out pantry to store all our household cleaning supplies.

While improving the overall appearance and functionality of the laundry room was the main purpose for the laundry room renovation, one of my personal objectives was to find a better way of venting the dryer which would allow me to regularly pull it out to clean behind it.

Prior to the renovation, the dryer was vented with a flexible pipe.  However, because the only way to get behind the dryer to clean or attach the pipe was to fully pull dryer out well beyond the cabinetry, the flex pipe had to be quite long. This resulted in a tangled mess of pipe when the dryer was pushed back in.

Kinked Vent Pipe
In-efficient /
dryer-vent-fire /

 These pipes are flexible but they do not retract back to their compressed form that it was in when I bought it. Besides creating significant work and frustration every time the dryer needed to be pulled out, I also knew that that tangled mess of flexible pipe was significantly reducing the efficiency of my dryer and potentially creating a fire hazard.

While I searched for a solution to this problem at the box stores, it was not until I was at the Lee Valley Store trying to create a solution that they introduced me to the Magvent.  The people at Lee Valley said it has been flying off the shelves ever since they started displaying it.

magvent /
magvent /
magvent /

The Magvent consists of two self-aligning connectors each containing a magnetic ring.  One magnet ring attached to your dryer with a short flexible section, while the other gets mounted to the wall where you want your dryer located.  As you push your dryer into place the magnetic rings connect creating a tight seal.  As you pull your dryer out, the magnetic rings disconnect.  No squeezing behind the dryer to reconnect the vent pipe.

There are various Magvent options allowing it to accommodate most installation applications.

Now, if you are a home owner that has trouble using a tape measure accurately, you may want to hire a local professional to install your Magvent.


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