Introducing: quinju Offers!

quinju Offers -

save hundreds, even thousands on your home renovation projects!

At we are always looking for new ways to help our members with their home renovation projects, and now we have created a new way to help you save money like never before. Introducing quinju Offers!

What is quinju offers?

quinju offers is the easiest and most effective way for home owners to save on their home renovation projects and there is virtually no effort required from you other than collecting the savings from the offers your receive!

Simply make sure that for every one of your projects in you follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Create your projects: Add every home renovation wish or idea, no matter when you think you will be able to actually start on it.
  2. Set your Budget and Timeframe: When adding your projects, always make sure to select what your target budget and time frames are. Don't worry about precision, at that point, these are not meant to be exact as you likely haven't done any digging into the details of the project yet. They serve as an initial target for your planning and also help quinju Offers find the the best fitting offers or you!
  3. Update your User Details: In most cases, creating your quinju account is as simple as entering Name, Email and Password. Once your account is activated, make sure to go to My Account > User Details and update your address information including zip or postal code. This is important to make sure we can find the best offers in your area!

You can also refer to our previous article with more in depth tips to get your projects in!

What happens next?

By making sure you follow the 3 simple steps above you did all you need to start taking advantage of quinju Offers! 

We are constantly looking for retailers, manufacturers, contractors, service providers that can offer exactly what you need for your projects at the best possible prices. 

Best of all you are in control! No annoying telemarketing calls or visits. We deliver all the information to you, directly into your quinju project.

You can take the time you need to review all offers, the companies and make the best decision for your project needs!

I don't have a quinju account yet... 

No problem, just click here and create your FREE account to start saving on your home renovations today!


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